Everyone knows the trials of getting the kids to eat their greens… but we all have tried and tested tricks and tactics to get them to do it too! Eat Your Veg is a growing library of real ideas that have worked, from parents themselves. There are lots of ways to share your own tips too.

Eat Your Veg is a charitably funded project set up to encourage UK families to add more vegetables to their diet. We all want to eat more healthily but for many of us life just gets in the way. It can be especially difficult with children so this project is there to help parents share and learn from each other’s ideas.

The project is run by non-profit social enterprise Behaviour Change who tackle major social and environmental challenges by developing ideas that help people to do the right thing. We’ve been working to encourage a healthy sustainable diet since the launch of Eat Seasonably in 2009 and this project follows dabble with your dinner which makes it easier for families to add veg to their favourite meals. Grateful thanks to the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation for funding the project.